Partners meeting – France

The third meeting between European partners in Reims (IATEUR, France) on 17-18 May 2018 was an opportunity to collectively agree on the theoretical model used for the interpretation of the data (WP1), as well as to set up the methodology for analyzing landscape perceptions (WP2). The partners were able to discover one of the French study areas and its issues (the former military base 112) through a visit commented by local actors.

CIVILSCAPE (D. Gotzmann), urban communities of Drechtsteden (I. Zanders), Marche Region (V. Zenobi) and Grand Reims (S. Villière and B. Redon), DRIFT (M. Hisschemoller and T. von Wirth ), NGO EKAPRAEKT (V. Kireyeu), IATEUR-IRCS (F. Mancebo and F. Guerin), ENSP Versailles (S. Salles), Pskov University (O. Likhacheva), SAAD-UNICAM (I. Pierantoni and M. Sargolini), University of Guelph (C. Bryant), University of Zagreb (A. Mrdja and B. Bojanic)