Supporting the energy transition

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How to use local knowledge to support energetic transition?

The energy transition is related to the transformation of energy production and consumption patterns, in order to move from a system energy based on the use of fossil resources (not renewable resources) towards an energy mix (use of renewable resources such as solar, hydro, geothermal or wind).

The principles of the energy transition are based on:

  • Measures of the degree of carbonization, pollution or dangerousness of the energies produced;
  • Modification of production methods through using renewable resources and products with less impact on the environment ;
  • A change in consumption patterns (efficiency energy including buildings, changing lifestyles, etc.).

However, a transition requires adequate financial and political conditions. Legitimization is also a question related to the transformations of the landscape (transformations of the landscape by wind turbines, circulation of trucks for methanizers, etc.) and to modify the behavior of citizens and businesses in the long term (consumption reasoned energy, etc.). However, conflicts arise due to the power of lobbies linked to fossil energy (involvement in political decision-making at the national level). Visions of the rural landscape are differentiated between economic productivity (agriculture, energy, etc.) and fun activities.