Partners meeting – Reims

The sixth meeting between European partners in Reims (CRDT, France) on 23-24 January 2020 was the occasion to present and discuss the first results of WP3, so as to initiate the making of report draft, as well as tuning in more precisely the different joint-fact finding sessions to come and scheduling the next steps in order to deliver a first draft of WP4 by September. Publication strategy was also discussed. The meeting ended with a reception at Reims city hall.

CIVILSCAPE (D. Gotzmann), Marche Region (V. Zenobi) and Grand Reims (B. Redon, B. Rigal), DRIFT (M. Hisschemoller and T. von Wirth ), NGO EKAPRAEKT (V. Kireyeu), IATEUR-IRCS (F. Mancebo, L. Dogbeh and F. Guerin), ENSP Versailles (S. Salles), Pskov University (O. Likhacheva), SAAD-UNICAM (I. Pierantoni and M. Sargolini), University of Zagreb (A. Mrdja and B. Bojanic)