Partners meeting – Italy

The fifth meeting between European partners in Ancona (SAAD, Italy) on 27-28 June 2019 was an opportunity to share our results about each case studies: urban morphology and governance conflicts about the landscape transformations (WP3), as well as to set up the methodology for joint-fact finding (WP4). The partners has discovered the website, and an Italian case study area and its issues through a trip.

CIVILSCAPE (D. Gotzmann), urban communities of Drechtsteden (I. Zanders) , Marche Region (V. Zenobi) and Grand Reims (B. Redon), DRIFT (M. Hisschemoller and T. von Wirth ), NGO EKAPRAEKT (V. Kireyeu), IATEUR-IRCS (F. Mancebo and F. Guerin), ENSP Versailles (S. Salles), Pskov University (O. Likhacheva), SAAD-UNICAM (I. Pierantoni and M. Sargolini), University of Zagreb (A. Mrdja and B. Bojanic)