Partners meeting – Italy

The partners of the Smart-U-Green research-action project organized a meeting on 26 and 27 October 2017 in Ascoli Piceno (Italy, SAAD) to follow the progress of the program. The objective was to prepare the methodology (identification of the actors to interview and preparation of the interview guide), as well as to build the structure of the report related to the first axis of the research (academic issues, national and local issues, regulations). It was also an opportunity to discover the method of repertory grids, related to the second axis of research on perceptions of the landscape, as well as to discover an Italian city affected by the recent earthquake.

CIVILSCAPE (D. Gotzmann), urban communities of Drechtsteden (A. Seip), Marche Region (V. Zenobi) and Grand Reims (S. Villière and B. Redon), DRIFT (M. Hisschemoller, D. Loorbach, Mr. Bach, I. Marselis), NGO EKAPRAEKT (V. Kireyeu), IATEUR-IRCS (F. Mancebo and S. Salles), University of Pskov (O. Likhacheva), SAAD-UNICAM (I. Pierantoni and M. Sargolini ), University of Guelph (C. Bryant), University of Zagreb (A. Mrdja and B. Bojanic)