Partners meeting – Netherlands

The partners of Smart-U-Green research-action project organized a meeting on 30-31 March 2017 at the DRIFT (Rotterdam, Netherlands) to get the program started. Agenda was about organizing the research program, sharing its own reading of the European Landscape Convention and apprehending the territories of project partners.

CIVILSCAPE (D. Gotzmann), urban communities of Drechtsteden (A. Seip), Marche Region (V. Zenobi) and Grand Reims (S. Villière and B. Redon), DRIFT (M. Hisschemoller, D. Loorbach, M. Bach, I. Marselis), NGO EKAPRAEKT (V. Kireyeu), IATEUR-IRCS (F. Mancebo and S. Salles), University of Pskov (O. Likhacheva), SAAD-UNICAM (I. Pierantoni and M. Sargolini ), University of Guelph (C. Bryant), University of Zagreb (A. Mrdja and B. Bojanic)